5 simple but effective tips to choose the proper theme for your portfolio

Posted on 2016-02-28

Unfortunately, there are many designers and developers that are lacking client works even though they provide top-quality services. Also, there are many employers ready to hire good designers and developers. There is a matter of reciprocal misunderstanding and both parts should find solutions in this respect.

Definitely, one of the most efficient solutions for service providers to be easier found by the clients is to have an attractive, complete and usable portfolio. More pragmatically speaking, a portfolio is the „identity card” of any designer or developer. Therefore, you shouldn’t ask if you need a portfolio; it’s way wiser to ask yourself how to create a better portfolio.

In the next lines, I will share with you 5 simple but effective tips to choose the proper WordPress theme for your portfolio.

Match the portfolio to your style
As I previously said, the portfolio is similar to an identity card. By following this comparison, if your portfolio isn’t matching to your style, it’s as if your personal information isn’t similar to the ones from the identity card. Briefly, if you love colors and your works are full of colors, then your portfolio must be colorful! Also, if you are the adept of minimalist, then make your portfolio minimalist! In this case, a good option is MiAgency– a wonderful minimalistic WordPress theme!

The works exhibited should get the full-focus of the viewers
Many portfolio owners make a fundamental mistake. They want to impress the viewers with the design of the portfolio, which isn’t quite a smart idea. On the other hand, the solution isn’t to have a poor design! A good portfolio should be distraction-free and let the viewers focus on the works exhibited. If you aren’t convinced about, check Flying and Gnoli, two superb WordPress themes that are created to let the viewers enjoy the works of the designers!

SEO and loading speed are essential
Without traffic, a portfolio is a complete failure regardless how well-designed it is. SEO is vital for the success of any website, including portfolios. Making a friendly-SEO portfolio isn’t a simple task and it requires a lot of work.

Loading speed is very important, too. This isn’t only my personal opinion, but also Kissmetric specialists agree with it and their infographic should make you pay closer attention to the loading speed of your portfolio. Obviously, all of our themes are SEO friendly and it should be another reason to put them on your acquisition list!

Don’t put the users in trouble
The Internet users are the least patient beings in the Universe and your portfolio visitors aren’t an exception. Briefly, don’t put them in doubt and try to make everything simple and intuitive for them. The navigational menu must be discrete, intuitive and the potential clients must have at disposal multiple ways of contacting you (contact form, phone number, skype ID, social networks profiles).

Flying WordPress Theme
Freshness is attractive
I use to name the portfolios that aren’t updated for many months „dead portfolios”. Imagine that you are someone interested in the services of a designer. Would you hire a designer that has an outdated portfolio where are showcased items realized few years ago? I guess that no matter how beautiful a website is created, if it’s based on skeuomorphic design you won’t hire the respective designer.

In conclusion, your portfolio theme shouldn’t be outdated and your exhibited works, neither. Check for example our portfolio themes- all are responsive, retina ready and SEO optimized.

I hope that the above tips will help you in making the best decision for your portfolio. In the event that I missed a precious tip please share it with us via comment form!

Posted on 2016-02-28

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