10 facts that you probably didnt know about WordPress

Posted on 2016-02-28

On May 27, 2003, was released the first WordPress version and since then it is the base of billions of websites. WordPress isnt only the leading Content management System (CMS) in the world, its the core of a real industry! Nowadays, many people make their incomes from WordPress related activities offering consultations, creating plugins and themes or customizing websites. Some designers blame the current direction of the WordPress evolution, while others are happy with it. No matter which side you enrolled, you should recognize that WordPress took by storm the online environment and it wouldnt grow in such an exponential manner if WordPress didn’t exist.

Clearly, WordPress is huge! In order to make a clearer opinion about it and its complexity, I collected 10 amazing facts that you probably didn’t know about WordPress!

Matthew Mullenweg was only 19-year old when he created WordPress. His project was based on b2/ cafelog blogging software .
At the moment of writing this post, the latest version of WordPress was downloaded by 9,470,344 times!
24,4% from the total number of websites are created using WordPress. It means that 58,8% from the total number of websites that run using a CMS are WordPress powered.
In August 2015, WordPress users published on average 1,747,737 posts per day! It means approximately 1200 blog posts per minute! To make a better idea, you blink on average 15-20 times per minute!
People love commenting, too! According to the WordPress statistics, there are added approximately 1118 comments per minute! Roughly, a comment for each new post!
In spite of different rumors that WordPress will lose its leading position, the statistics reveals that it’s still growing!


The customization options are endless for any websites: in the WordPress repository are for free download more than 40,000 plugins that were downloaded 1,033,099,000 times.
If you are a WordPress developer, then the next figures should make you happy- there are many fellows that are really rich! ThemeForest is probably the most famous marketplace for premium themes and here some developers became millionaires! The most popular theme, Avada, was sold by 159,179 times! The actual price of the theme is $59, so the ones behind Avada gained enough money for their entire life! You can also check out our items for sale on ThemeForest!
Not only the theme creators managed to gain impressive amounts of money, but also the plugin developers. Visual Composer is the most downloaded plugin from Code Canyon (the equivalent of ThemeForest in the world of WordPress plugins). Its price is $34 and it was downloaded by 87,872 times! Yeah, it generated almost 3 million dollars!
I guess that all the above facts made you reconsider your opinion about WordPress. The ones that don’t like English or simply don’t fully understand the language shouldn’t be disappointed! WordPress is translated in almost any languages; at the moment of writing this post, it was available in 55 languages!
Willing or not, WordPress is the core of a web revolution and it will have a special page in the Internet history! I am very curious about what new features will bring the next WordPress versions! We are very interested in finding out your opinions about WordPress, so let’s engage- the more opinions, the better for all of us!

Posted on 2016-02-28

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